Japan got you down?
Slip on a Roundeye T - stress relief you can wear!

Slip into something provocative.

Have "they" got you feeling frustrated? Aggravated? Deprived? Depraved? (You think Lost In Translation was depressing? Try the real thing!) Now, you can fight back in the insidious war of attrition — and it's as simple as slipping on a T-shirt!

A Roundeye T-shirt, that is. Roundeye Ts are the first-ever collection by gaijin, for gaijin. Featuring a selection of probing, incisive messages that help you level the playing field with every step you take.

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Have you lived in Japan before?

Of course, Roundeye Ts are great conversation starters, too. Around town, at parties, with friends, they make you the center of attention.

So why not blow off some steam and turn some heads with Roundeye Ts — the T-shirts that really pack a punch line!

In fact, why not collect all five? They could be the best legal stress relief you can buy without a prescription.

What make Roundeye Ts
Roundeye Ts?
Top-of-the-line 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom T-shirts.
(Hell, even the blanks were over 10 bucks!)
Satisfaction guaranteed, so you'll never need your money back.
Look for the official Roundeye seal of approval.
(Only you won't find it!)
Black only.
(Roundeye meets Henry Ford.)
Make great gifts.
(Except you might get attacked in Yellow Cab.)
Available in M, L and XL. (Subject to stock sellout without notice.)

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Design A
"This country should come with instructions"

Our starter set/family values model for mom, dad, the whole family!

Design B
"Gaijin make better aijin"

Remember "Truckers make better lovers?" Now meet today's Trans–Pacific update!

Design C
"Yellow cab driving instructor"

Honk if you're gaijin enough to test-drive this very prominent pleasure vehicle.

Design D
"You practice your English, I'll practice my sex"

Incisive wit for gaijin on the cutting edge of sexuo–linguistics

Design E
"Just Do Me"

Tell the world you're always at the top of your game.

Roundeye Productions
Working to improve gaijin quality of life–one T-shirt at a time.

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