Roundeye Productions

Gordon Hutchison,
Head Roundeye

Kobe Earthquake
Relief Fund t-shirt

Roundeye Productions is a unique new concept in intercultural communication founded in the interests of promoting a more meaningful dialogue for action among Japan's non-native community. By distilling the many complexities of indigenous culture into readily intelligible formats, this first-ever collection of T-shirts for gaijin is seen by East-West analysts as a historic advance in deepening understanding for more mutually fulfilling intercourse.

When asked to comment, Head Roundeye Gordon Hutchison elaborated on product goals: “They're about roots, identity, self-expression. Our primary objective was helping the foreign community get in touch with their feelings as a deterrent to cultural erosion.” On the other side of the Pacific, high-ranking U.S. government officials showed palpable enthusiasm. “Roundeye Ts should give us new leverage in leveling the playing field,” beamed U.S. Assistant Secretary of State James Kelley. “I'm wearing mine to the next round of Six-Party Talks.”

But seriously, folks...
Tongue-in-cheek or on-the-level, we target foreigners in Japan and anybody else anywhere with products no one has thought about before. (Which is why T-shirts are currently our only products.) Nor are we all about profit. A year prior to unveiling our current lineup, RP did a charity T-shirt for Kobe earthquake survivors, contributing 1,250,000 to the cause. 600,000 to the Kobe Board of Education for elementary school textbooks, 400,000 to help rebuild a factory manned by handicapped workers, and 250,000 to people living in tents in a public park in Nagata-ku, one of the areas most severely hit. The Roundeye rep took this money to Kobe personally to make sure it actually got to the people who needed it.)

And by the way, if you have any of your own ideas for humorous T-shirts or other items, please contact us. We'll certainly pay you if we use them.